What is this?

Nope, not like f.lux. ScreenDimmer is a small tool that allows you to actually set the brightness of your screen(s) on desktop computers without fiddling through the monitor’s settings. You cannot just change the brightness, but also the temperature for better viewing at darker surroundings. And the brightness is applied everywhere, even in your games.

Features explained

Dim screen at specific time
Do you want to dim your screens automatically? No problem. ScreenDimmer can automatically dim the screens and will apply the settings as soon as the time hits the given time range.

Allow use of high brightness
If you’re playing a game with a dark environment, you can even increase the brightness up to 150%.

Allow hotkeys to control brightness
For easy and fast control without opening the settings window, you can just use the given hotkeys to control the brightness.

Set temperature in relation with brightness
By that, the amount of the temperature is in relation to the value of the brightness. 100% brightness means 0% temperature.

Enable smooth transition
When enabled, the screens will be dimmed smoothly. Useful when automatic dimming is enabled. But keep in mind that this option can occur lags.

Upcoming features

  • Add possibility to change for each screen individually


ScreenDimmer – v1.27



  • Thread optimization to prevent memory leaks
  • Added option “Minimize on start”
  • “Smooth Transition” will run faster when the difference from the previous brightness is greater
  • A lot less CPU usage while using the option “Restore screen settings when specific programs are running”
  • Added a little donate button 🙂


  • Better stability using SetDeviceGammaRamp
  • Rearranged layout
  • Added option to reset settings to default when specific programs are running
  • Added option to reset settings to default on exit
  • Added hidden output console by clicking on the version label