CPU-D monitoring tool released!

It takes me a long time, but I’m finally released the first version! It’s a really simple application at this moment. But I’m still working, to make it interesting for some of you, like Turbo Boost. It could work but I’m not sure, because I never tested it before yet. Actually you can costumize it with like the refresh speed, autostart, colors and a few more. If there is a new version/update available, the application will showing an info box with the link to my homepage. NOTE: Windows 7 havn’t the PerformanceCounter for reading the current CPU clock, that Windows 8 already … Continue reading CPU-D monitoring tool released!

CUDA Shaders v4.2 released!

I worked for months on the v4, so I need a break about. So that means, no  more developments pack are coming at the moment. I released now the v4.2, because I hadn’t any ideas or improvements .Also you wanted to download my older shaderpacks, so now you can do it! I trying to finish my CPU-D monitoring tool and then.. we will see what’s comijng next time 🙂 Changelog: – Disabled clouds – Disabled DOF – Lower shadow resolution – New torchligth color – Lower torchlight brightness – Improved torchlight system – Added dirty lens – Added volumetric fog – Added surface … Continue reading CUDA Shaders v4.2 released!

Some important informations

I’m like Microsoft, that they skipped Windows 9 to 10. I’m the same… and I don’t know why I renamed CUDA Shaders v4.2 to v5! 😀 I only start v5 if I am finished with the new concept, colors, effect and more or when the CUDA Shaders based on a new shaderpack. So CUDA Shaders v4.2 (DEV 3) is still v5 (DEV 1). Sorry for the confusion. Back to v4.2: I added volemtric zone in fog: This an area, where the sun illuminated the fog, and I added surface scattering: This is the same like volumetric zone, that illuminated the … Continue reading Some important informations

CUDA Shaders v4.1 released!

Surprise! 🙂 It took me 10 hours to prepare the release and I’m finally done! Now I’m a little bit tired x) Download: http://dedelner.net/my-projects/cuda-shaders-for-1-7/download/ This changelog is one of the biggest onces of the CUDA Shaders! CUDA Shaders v4.1Changelog: – Clouds added (At midnight when you look into the moon, there is a volumetric zone) – Added fog (At the morning and midnight is it foggier as at the noon and sunset) – Added distance blur – New skycolors – Added SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) – Lower DOF strength – New water colors – AMD compatible (Not 100 % … Continue reading CUDA Shaders v4.1 released!

My own CPU Monitor

I worked 1 year ago on my own CPU Monitor with VB.NET, but I cancelled it every time. Now I try it again but I want to introduce it first. It’s a simple monitor which displays the CPU usage. Currently you can change the refresh speed, enabl…e autostart, show it always on the foreground und use different themes. Actually I only made an Intel theme, because I use one I would the RAM ussage to and the temperature but however VB.NET don’t want to read the CPU temperature. Maybe you can help me with VB.NET. When, contact me.Now I want … Continue reading My own CPU Monitor

Development Packs

I’ve send some E-Mails to the donors out. There you got a Username and Password to log in at dedelner.net and download the latest Development Packs  If you didn’t get an E-Mail, please make sure that it isn’t in the spam section. Greetings, arajdon (Site-Administrator / Minecraft Server Manager) You have donated, but you still didn’t got an E-Mail? Please contact [email protected] for support. Continue reading Development Packs