Minecraft KUDA-Shaders


KUDA-Shaders is a shaderpack made for the Minecraft Shaders Mod (OptiFine). It adds basically shadows, new lightning system, godrays and other effects. This pack will recieve future updates for optimization, if you find a bug, feel free to report it here.


That’s up to you. KUDA-Shaders v6 is designed to have nice graphics, fast, customizable and to be playable. The last version of KUDA-Shaders has plenty of options you can mess around with. I also try to optimized it and eliminate every bug I can find. Feel free to download my shaderpack, test it and decide yourself if you want to use my shaders!


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33 thoughts on “Minecraft KUDA-Shaders

    1. The CUDA Shaders v4 aren’t compatible with older version under 1.7. I don’t upload the older CUDA Shaders, because 99 % of all people doesn’t installed the Addon and the result is: It looks to bright and bad.

      1. hey when will the 4.1 be out cause i can’t wait I’m so excited cause this is one of my favorite shaders cause of the stuff and it doesn’t lag!

  1. I have the CUDA chaser low but then i install the Medium and drop it in the glsl file. It do nothing the world looks like whiteout the schader. Sorry for my English

  2. I´am not using forge. I use only optifine and glsl the CUDA schader low is working really god but the i drop the medium in the schader folder it is doing nothing

    1. i am using the perversion of cuda shader lite and it is really good going on mac but i think not the 4.1

      1. Ok, Because I can use lite on mac i just wanted to know if the 4.1 can be used on a mac because the lite version the water looks bad 🙁

  3. i love this shader pack. i was wondering how to decrease the level depth of field and increase the brightness of indoor lighting during the day

  4. @DeDelner:disqus would you mind changing the link from mediafire to other links? We can’t reach Mediafire in China. It was banned. BTW I like CUDA V4.1

  5. I LOVE this shader! My only concern is that you please make the shadows a little more realistic… Other than that I love it! Especially the torch concept! Anyway, Keep up the GREAT work!

  6. How do I create an account on this website? There’s a login link but no sign up link. Do I have to donate?

  7. Is this only me with that problem:
    Using “moon phases” ON, does nothing. every night the same moon (that one from the shader not from the resourcepack) on the sky.
    It´s a problem when you want to farm some slimeballs in a swamp biome and you don´t know which moon phase it is.

    1. useMoonPhases only applies to dynamic weather, which means it get’s cloudier the higher the moon index (1 – 7) is. Not to the moon itself because of some issues.

  8. Hey I love the shader! , Unfortunately it lacks one of the best features that optifine and shaders give, The ability for when a torch is in hand it gives you a light around you. I love this feature, but im not sure if it is my minecraft messing up or if you havent implemented it in yet. When I hold a torch in either hand it like apears as if it is giving off light but isnt . If I hold somthing in the other hand and a torch in the other it lights up the object, so I was just curious or in need of help.

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