1. Can I use your shaderpack as a base?

 – Sorry but no. The explanation is a bit hard…

2. Can I use some parts of your code?

– This is the same like question 1.

3. Can I modify your shaderpack?

– Yes, as long you modify it for your own personal use. So you are not to allowed to share your modifactions at all.

4. Why do I have to donate you for getting your “Development Packs“?

– Your question is wrong. You don’t have to donate me at all! But when you feel, you like to support my work, you can donate me if you really want to! But please see this a personal thank you, when you’ve donated me, that you get your acces to download my Development Packs. I mean, isn’t it kinda stupid to go back with empty hands?…

5. Am I allowed to make screenshots/pictures and videos of your work?

 – Yes of course!

6. Am I allowed to share your work?

 – Yes, as long you use my adf.ly link or my files page.

7. Can I add you on skype?

 – If you’d like to contact me, take a look at the Contact page. There you can find multiple ways to talk to me.

8. Why are some blocks (chests, etc.) moving like leaves and grass?

 – I don’t know why this always happens, but I think this problem causes the graphics card. Probably it cannot separate the minecraft ID’s. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain..

9. I lost my password/account data to log on dedelner.net. What should I do know?

 – If that happened, then please contact [email protected] for support. Make sure, you write your full name and and your e-mail address, which you used for PayPal.

10. Is there another way to donate except using PayPal?

 – Sorry, but I can only accept PayPal.

11. Will this shaderpack work with Minecraft version x.x.x/on Mac/on Intel HD graphics?

 – Seriously guys, why do you keep asking that? Just go ahead and try it out!..