If you donate, you get access to regular development builds of the KUDA-Shaders before they are released to the public!

All donations go into supporting me directly, so anything you give will be used to help me make the shaders even better!

Keep in mind!: Make sure the email address you use on PayPal is one that you are able to access, as your development pack login details are sent to this address. This system doesn’t run automatically. So I have to sent the donation e-mails manual.

If you didn’t get your e-mail after 24 hours, please check your spam folder. If you still didn’t get your e-mail or you lost your account data, then please take a look to my contact page for support.

5 € (Euros)



62 thoughts on “Donate

  1. look i know you put a lot of work into this shader pack and i really love it a lot with all the stuff added but i was wondering why you had to make us donate to get it i mean other shader owners didn’t do that so why do you have to? I really want 4.1 development pack but i don’t want to pay $6 so if you could reply (in english) then that will help me know why

          1. hey um when do you think it will come out cause if it is close then i will just wait but if it is far then ill pay

  2. I’m enjoying the minecraft in your shader , thanks.
    I will donate to you!
    I have a little question in the shader.
    It a color of the torch in CUDA Shader.
    The torch color is warm orange now.
    But I want the torch color is white.
    By the way ,Can change the color in the rewriting of the vsh file in other Shader.
    Can I change the color of the torch in vsh file in CUDA Shader?
    Please tell me how change the color of the torch in CUDA Shader.

  3. Hello, already two days ago I sent a gift and I still have not received an email to access development versions, I’m worried I hope I will receive it soon!

    PS: Is the version “CUDA Shaders v3.1 Ultra” is one of the versions in development? If not, could you send it to me at this email address?

    [email protected]

    Thank you for your understanding.

        1. Seltsam, ich konnte dich nicht in den Aktivitäten finden. Bist du dir sicher du hast nicht einen anderen Namen bei PayPal? Sag auch am besten, wann du mir gespendet hast.

          1. Haha ja.. [email protected].. sry ich wusste nicht das ich die email adresse noch drinn habe.. hab grad geschaut und da ist dann auch die email von dir! Hat sich also erledigt :’D danke trotzdem 🙂

  4. I’m so sad for can not to use paypal to donate…(Chinese user) Because i have not the MasterCard…The I’m realy like this shaders. Can you open the paypal donate way QWQ? Thank you for your hard word.It’s really beautiful 🙂

    1. Da verstehst du etwas falsch.
      Du musst spenden wenn du die Developement versionen downloaden willst. die release version kannst du natürlich kostenlos downloaden.

  5. Hello!

    Your work is amazing, these shaders are the best shaders ever made!

    these shaders make games like battlefield 4 look worse then Minecraft!

    haha it’s super awesome!

    Donated 😀 you totally earned it.

  6. Hi,

    I’m trying to get a response here as I donated last week and have sent 3 emails to the above address and I still have not received login details for the development packs or even any response???


      1. Hi,

        I have even added your email address to my safe senders list, but nothing has come in or is in my spam/junk email folder?



  7. Ohne deine Arbeit würde sich das Spiel echt öde anfühlen… Vielen Dank für deine Arbeit und weiter so! (Trotz, dass du jetzt auch vorhast Pause einzulegen wollte ich Dir für deine Arbeit durch diesen Form danken…)

  8. VERY impressed with the shaders! Especially the visuals of beacons, the Nether, and the End. Every other shaderpack I’ve used messes up one or more of these, but it all looks perfect with your shaders! SO IMPRESSED. Now just waiting *impatiently* 😛 for POM support…
    You absolutely earned a donation from me!
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  9. I just got this working last night…finally. I started MineCraft for the first time last weekend at age 30 lmao! This here is a game changer! Keep your head up with pride for making this shader!!! Thank you!!!