CPU-D monitoring tool

This project is cancelled and won’t be supported anymore!

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CPU-D monitoring tool is a little application, that shows you the usage of your own system (Picture 1). You can also customize it in many opportunities (Picture 2). This application is still in development (Beta), so it could be buggy, so I would be happy, if you give me some feedback. 🙂 If there is a new version/update available, the application will showing an info box with the link to my homepage. Please note, that Windows 7 and below havn’t the Performance Counter for reading the current CPU clock! So, you will see only your maximum CPU clock.

Note: Windows or your Antivirus would probably block this application and say it’s “unsafe” or a virus. The reason is, that I don’t have the money to pay a digital signature. But I promise you, this application doesn’t do anything to your system. It just reads your hardware!


Version: 0.9.8 Beta (24. Septmeber 2015)

Download CPU-D monitoring tool




Last update: 19. October 2014

• You are allowed to make videos or pictures with it.
• You are not allowed to claim it as your own!
• You are not allowed to redistribute it!
• If you like to share it, please share ONLY the dedelner.net link!
• You are not allowed to reupload it!
• You are not allowed to earn money with it!

For YouTube:
• You are allowed to earn money with it in your YouTube video.

Please consider my agreement.
– Thank you.




24. September 2015:

– added textures to theme colors
– cleaned up the interface
– new icon
– added switchable menu
– improved tooltips
– bugfixes

28. January 2015:

– Fixed crash at startup, when the tool tries to load the network usage (Hopefully)
– Users can choose which network interface should be displayed (Chnages are visible after saving!)
– Added a “warning” icon, when the CPU and HDD usage are greater then 90 %
– Improved tool tips
– Improved splash screen
– Added new color themes
– If the .ini file isn’t available (aynmore), the application creates a new one automatically with default settings
– Fixed some bugs

21. January 2015:

– Added an option to show HDD and network usage
– Added Restart Explorer, Task Manager, Defrag, Clean Manger and mscondif to the menu
– Added an icon to error messages

15. November 2014:

– (Maybe) fixed crash at startup on PC’s with other language
– Added trackbar to customize main form opacity
– Added changelog list in Info


14 thoughts on “CPU-D monitoring tool

  1. I am using windows 10 64bit and I got the errors in the image bellow. From what I can tell the program is requesting something that doesn’t exist. Can anyone help me fix this or have this fixed in a future update?

  2. Da wollte ich gerade die Version 0.9.8 testen (hatte davor 0.9.5), als kurz nach dem Start dieser Fehler auftrat (Windows 7). Ansonsten ist das Tool wirklich super, die alte Version funktioniert ja noch 😉