Carsten’s Adventures


Carsten’s Adventures was developed during a school project. We had the opportunity to choose the topic by ourselves and because we were all game enthusiasts we thought, why not creating our own game? So that’s we did. We created a simple 2D Jump’n Run game with GameMaker Studio 2 named Carsten’s Adventures . Yes, that name is pretty original.

Firstly we made this game for our classmates but then we thought why not publish it to public?

Obviously we couldn’t make a full game, because that would be too much work for a school project. So we decided to make just three levels from now on. There’s no story (yet). Your goal is just to move from A to B. Sounds simple, but it isn’t. You’ll find that task alot harder as you’ll imagine.


Carsten’s Adventures – v1.34 (OPEN BETA)


Game Developer:

  • Christian Langolf
  • Luca Paulick
  • Regina Der


  • Kevin MacLeod (
  • OpenGameArt.Org

Special Thanks to:

  • Hochschule Bremen
  • Schulzentrum Grenzstraße