ScreenDimmer v1.27 is out

Alright folks, there has been one major problem in the previous version: Preventing the program to close itself without any error. Some threads where causing memory leaks. As a result, the program closed itself without any error. After lots of researching, which kind of thread to use and how to prevent memory leaking, the problem has been finally fixed (completely).

Now ScreenDimmer finally runs stable in the background with a constant RAM usage.

Here the changelog for more details:


  • Thread optimization to prevent memory leaks
  • Added option “Minimize on start”
  • “Smooth Transition” will run faster when the difference from the previous brightness is greater
  • A lot less CPU usage while using the option “Restore screen settings when specific programs are running”
  • Added a little donate button 🙂


ScreenDimmer – v1.27