TheLightsaber App (Android)

So our task in school recently was to create our own app with a partner or in a group. Me and my partner just had the idea of a lightsaber app, because why not, we both like Star Wars.

The app turns from a school task into a little side project now. So what makes the app so unique compared to the other ones that already exist in the Play Store? The movement.

The app works with the gyroscope sensor and it responses much more directly compared to the other ones. If you move your phone just a bit, then you will hear just a quiet hum. If you move your phone faster/more heavily, the hum gets louder. It’s pretty much direct. No lag or delay. Maybe in future, the app will work in combination with the gyroscope and with the accelerator for more precise movement.

That’s just the basics of the app. In future, the app should be able to do more like unlocking lightsabers, customizations, maybe even changing the soundfont.

Stay tuned.