Developers wanted!

Since I stopped working on shaders, KUDA-Shaders is not really in my control anymore. That’s why you come into place! I’m looking for developers who like to use my shaderpack and even give it a personal touch. If you want to use my shaderpack as a base for modifications and want to publish it, you’re free to use it. But under one condition: The actual file download has to be here on The rest is up to you. If you’re interested, please send me an e-mail with the subject “KUDA-Shaders: Modification“, so that I can give you access to to upload your files and so on.

If you’re interested to be a part of the KUDA-Shaders Legacy team and wanna keep the pack alive, write me an e-mail with the subject: “KUDA-Shaders: Legacy“!

Write your application or questions to this e-mail address: [email protected]