BMW M Drive Tour 2017 (Gallery)

Last Saturday, there was an event by BMW where we had the opportunity to drive the different M-models:

  • M2 Coupé
  • M2 Coupé (M-Performance)
  • M3
  • M4 Coupé (with competition package)
  • M4 Cabriolet
  • M6 Coupé
  • M6 Cabriolet

We drove in a convoy, by following the silver M4 (see the first photo) and cruised around. Usually, we would have followed a M760Li xDrive, but it was in maintenance, so it was replaced by an M4. And the driver in the X6 M made sure that the convoy was closed. Unfortunately, we had no luck with the weather, so it was quite rainy and cloudy.

We couldn’t drive fast on the German Autobahn because it was really foggy and we weren’t able to see anything. Though at the end the sun started to leak through the clouds and the streets were dry. So we could speed up a little bit.

My personal highlight was the M6, because it’s just a level higher compared to the other models and its V8 engine. And it was even comfortable. I also enjoyed the M3 because you had much room and still had the beefy engine.

I really would like to thank BMW Niederlassung Bremen for organizing this event and to had the chance to feel the most powerful letter in the world.


I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed the event. I am also looking for some feedback, since this was the first time I used my new camera.

For full detail, just click on the pictures. You are allowed to use the footage as well for private use.

Sollte es irgendwelche Unannehmlichkeiten bei diesen Bilder geben, einfach eine E-Mail an [email protected] und ich werde dementsprechend die Bilder bearbeiten oder von der Öffentlichkeit runter nehmen.