6 thoughts on “Working on new water waves

  1. Kuda shaders is a beautiful shader. A good idea for it would be volumetric clouds, global illumination, bright colors, warm color tone, and a golden sunrise.

  2. So development not totally abandoned? That’s exciting news!! I wish SEUS would do some updating too :< I love both of your shaders though I haven't donated to him!

    I do wish I could have someone explain to me all the general graphic errors I see with shaders. Not sure if it's just a limitation of how shaders are currently applied or if it's possible to address.

    I wish you the best with school (and kickass shaders development)!!

  3. I love your shaders and just got Minecraft 1.12 installed. Installed Forge and Optifine, now just waitin’ on the ‘KUDA!’ Thanks for your hard work, but don’t neglect your studies. Good luck.