• Bob the Builder

    Kuda shaders is a beautiful shader. A good idea for it would be volumetric clouds, global illumination, bright colors, warm color tone, and a golden sunrise.

  • Mynd

    So development not totally abandoned? That’s exciting news!! I wish SEUS would do some updating too :< I love both of your shaders though I haven't donated to him!

    I do wish I could have someone explain to me all the general graphic errors I see with shaders. Not sure if it's just a limitation of how shaders are currently applied or if it's possible to address.

    I wish you the best with school (and kickass shaders development)!!

    • DeDelner

      Oi thanks >w>

  • Extreme ProGaming

    KUDA-Shaders v5.0.6 can’t download :(

  • JamesProGamer

    Could you make lens flare an option?