KUDA-Shaders v6.5.26 got released

This is just a small update with some bug fixes. No new features or something.

Download: dedelner.net/download-v6

– Higher cloud opacity
– Removed “nPuddles” which probably caused issues with rain puddles
– YCoCg compression can be disabled due armor glint issues ( I did this because I saw Gronkh’s livestream x) )
– Water is also affected by windSpeed
– Fixed water animation suddenly stops
– Other minor fixes..

Known bugs:
– Raindrops aren’t rendered on water surfaces
– No atmospheric scattering in the reflections
– Shading behind the hand while holding translucent blocks are wrong
– Translucent blocks aren’t rendered behind water
– End portal is broken (unfixable right now)

  • Which Minecraft version should I use for this version of Kuda?

    • DeDelner

      The latest

  • Martyn Blackburn

    Do I need any other application to use this shader, and is it compatible with Optifine HD U B7?

  • Gabriele Lovico

    Winrar archive is corrupted.

  • hookahjohan_5h

    why is the end portal rendering problem unfixable?