KUDA-Shaders v.6.5.24 got finally released!

KUDA-Shaders v6.5.24 is finally ready!

– Added option “airDensity”
– Improved shading for default clouds
– Added weather controls
– Added glowing eyes
– Added more controls for blur effects
– Darker sky when cloudy
– Better control of cloud opacity
– More noticeable chromatic aberration
– Higher noise resolution for camera noise
– Fogcolor underwater get’s adjusted by a eyeBrightnessSmooth
– Proper fog rendering on water surfaces and behind hand
– Added option “waterShader”
– Lower AO level
– Stars will disappear while it’s cloudy
– Improved sky gradient
– New tonemapping (Thanks to robobo1221)
– Rain puddles are longer visible after raining
– Applied maximum color range
– New bloom (Thanks to Capt Tatsu)
– Fixed displacement bug for POM (Thanks to Strum355)
– Moved raindrops to forwarded rendering
– Raindrops are affected by the torchlight
– Improved anamorphic lens
– Rewrote dirty lens
– Higher color precision
– Added possibility to use Distance Blur only
– Removed SSAO because of performance issues
– Replaced godrays by volumetric light
– Added specular mapping
– New rain puddles with animation
– Warmer colors
– Fixed hand depth when DOF is enabled
– Improved depth of field
– Better control of minimum light
– Improved lowlight eye
– Improved shaking camera movement
– Fixed motionblur glitch
– Added torchlight control
– Better fake reflections in empty spaces
– Added YCoCg compression (http://graphics.cs.aueb.gr/graphics/docs/papers/YcoCgFrameBuffer.pdf)
– Improved movement for windyTerrain

Known bugs:
– Raindrops aren’t rendered on water surfaces
– No atmospheric scattering in the reflections
– Wrong colors for armor glint because of the YCoCg compression
– Rain puddles might flick arround
– Shading behind the hand while holding translucent blocks are wrong
– Translucent blocks aren’t rendered behind water
– End portal is broken (unfixable right now)

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