14 thoughts on “I just improved the clouds a tiny bit..

  1. Hey there! Just wanted to ask, is there any room for performance optimizations? I have an overclocked 6700k (4.7 Ghz) and on a modded version of minecraft it can only output 40fps (with only 50% GPU usage on a GTX 1080). So I think that even the tiniest optimizations can help the CPU.

    1. That’s crazy, I run an ancient x3960 extreme around 3.7ghz and a 980 TI and I go between 60-120 fps on Ultra. Drops lower on occasion with certain chunk updating.

  2. Another thing that would be nice is color temperature based on light intensity. Right now, any artificial lights (torches, lamps, glowstone, etc.) have a very yellow/orange light coming out of them. Would be very nice if you could add a way for more bright lamps (like Immersive Engeneering lights, floodlights, etc.) to have more natural color temperature.

    Your shaders are really the best! They add just what is needed without being too extreeme! Thanks!

          1. Yes I’m a computer repair technician so ik I have the latest everything, built my PC. Using technic assigned 8gb ram. Again this only happens after shader version 6.2.81 so it’s something he changed