New bloom!

2016-12-13_22-06-18 2016-12-13_22-08-38 2016-12-13_22-09-53 2016-12-13_22-10-33 2016-12-13_22-11-06
New bloom! Credit goes to Capt Tatsu! (Creator of BSL shaders)
I would also like thank robobo1221 for new (proper) tonemapping and Strum355 for fixing the POM displacement bug.
DEV-Pack is not available yet, because I still have to optimize it. Especially for the Nether and for The End. But it would come out this week.
Next public release would be in a few weeks!

2 thoughts on “New bloom!

  1. Hey, I helped develop that bloom xD when I was working on a shader pack, I had to come up with a better bloom. Shader pack wasn’t very well accepted, though, and got taken down. I shared the bloom with Capt though. He may have changed it since then, but it’s awesome to see his name again.