Merry Christmas! + v6.5.05 BETA release

Merry Christmas!

KUDA-Shaders v6.5.05 – BETA is out for everyone!

– Added option “airDensity”
– Improved shading for default clouds
– Added weather controls
– Added glowing eyes
– Added more controls for blur effects
– Darker sky when cloudy
– Better control of cloud opacity
– More noticeable chromatic aberration
– Higher noise resolution for camera noise
– Fogcolor underwater get’s adjusted by eyeBrightnessSmooth
– Proper fog rendering on water surfaces and behind hand
– Added option “waterShader”
– Lower AO level
– Blur behind water and ice
– Stars will disappear while it’s cloudy
– Improved sky gradient
– New tonemapping (Thanks to robobo1221)
– Rain puddles are longer visible after raining
– Applied maximum color range
– New bloom (Thanks to Capt Tatsu)
– Fixed displacement bug for POM (Thanks to Strum355)
– Moved raindrops to forwarded rendering
– Raindrops are affected by the torchlight
– Improved anamorphic lens
– Rewrote dirty lens
– Higher color precision
– Added possibility to use Distance Blur only
– Added specular mapping
– New fog blur (Bloom based)
– New rain puddles with animation
– Removed SSAO because of performance issues

Known bugs:
– Shading behind the hand while holding translucent blocks are wrong
– Raindrops aren’t rendered on water surfaces

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! + v6.5.05 BETA release

  1. There is one problem with enchanted items when they are on the ground shows that they’re being mesmerized, they shimmer, and when you take the subject in hand, he looks normal and no different from non-enchanted items. I hope you understand me, sorry for my English I’m from Russia.