KUDA-Shaders v6.4.77 is out

BOOM! Sürprise!
The most graphical changes are in the Nether. I really recommend you to take a look!

Download: dedelner.net/download-v6/


– New tonemapping for brighter colors and better color grading
– Replaced old clouds with new less FPS heavy cirrus clouds
– Better sky gradient
– Added fog blur to the Nether
– Brighter fog in Nether
– New fog colors
– Added jitter effect back to the End
– Added option “normalMapStrength”
– Readded SSAO
– Added attribute “ambientOcclusionLevel”
– Readded Parallax Occlusion Mapping
– Brighter ambient colors
– Added atmospheric scattering
– Tonemapping can be customized in the shader options
– Added water caustics
– New water waves
– Proper and better reflections
– Fixed shading on nether portal
– Proper water waves on vertical surfaces
– Reflections and refraction on nether portal
– Fixed broken water refraction when using a resource pack with normal map support
– Reflective blocks aren’t fully reflective anymore
– Added heatwave in Nether
– Variable “shadowAcneFixMul” will be adjusted automatically, depending on the shadow map resolution
– Rain puddles can be disabled
– Added a better moon shape
– Stronger fog at sunrise

  • MrModDog

    Ahh! Loving all the new additions in this latest update!! The Nether looks fantastic!

    Got a problem to report tho, not sure if its just me or maybe an Nvidia thing, but water (despite being absolutely gorgeous!) flashes a checkerboard overlay all over the place like a dance floor. Didn’t have this problem in the last version so I’m assuming its something that changed in this one. Tested on a GTX 1080 FE, latest drivers and Windows 10. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/64bf5bec0030dd5db097f50e4e1019a66a13e844969cdc812196056f37252db2.png

    • This bug as been reported multiple times, DeDelner is aware of it.
      But thank you for showing us!
      Feedback is always nice.

  • At_XiaoLi

    Dat’s so awesome! <3

  • Eugene Ewe

    Where is the 6.4.77 version??? I just founded 6.4.80

  • LeShie

    I would like to ask if Kuda Shader v6.4.77 is compatible with the latest Mincraft 1.11 ?
    Since the website didn’t state compatibility. Or maybe Kuda Shader doesn’t has compatibility requirement?
    Thank you!

    • TheCoolSteveMan

      Simple Answer: YES! YES! YES!

    • Those questions are seriously unnecessary since it all depends on Optifine.