• joshua petrofsky

    I used to use this shaderpack because it was second best to seus but it worked on mac but it doesn’t anymore, can you fix this?

    And when you said nobody cares, people do care with macs
    I will just use robobo and sildurs

    • DeDelner

      To make it clear: This was just a joke, because yelling out that something doesn’t work won’t help me at all.

      So.. this issue is fixed in the latest DEV’s (I guess).

    • DeDelner didn’t say that nobody cares.

  • Ice Bliz

    Since in the latest version of KUDA there is a reflection of the blocks in the glass in the distance, you should add it so that there is a feint reflection of your character in the glass. If it is possible.

    • DeDelner

      Rule of Screen Space Reflections: Reflections can only take place, when they are in the screen.