• Mason Kesler

    Maybe dynamic water caustics? The water is too nice not to :)

    • He might work on that, but he isn’t too sure about that.
      There still are a few problems with that from the last time, but we’ll see how it’s going to turn out.

  • Shidonni

    Stereoscopic 3D options :3?

    • What exactly do you mean by Stereoscopic 3D?
      Do you mean the side-by-side 3D effect where you need to cross your eyes?

      • Shidonni

        Yes like that, but you don’t have to necessarily cross your eyes, you could use a 3DTV. There are other kinds of Stereo 3D formats like, top and bottom and interleaved. It would be nice to have a new updated 3D option like this instead of that weird red cyan option that’s included in vanilla minecraft. Haha, that’s so old school.

  • Simon Kirchner

    Yep caustics would be nice. And you could fix the water flickering with GTX750

    • Simon Kirchner

      And the godrays bug

    • Report bugs on the bug reporting page please.
      Or report it in the discord chat on the bug reporting channel.

  • A.J. Ruckman

    Can you fix flickering nametags? And maybe make nametags always have the same color, so you can identify other teams in PVP?

    • Can you report bugs to the bug reporting page please?

  • SilverKnife

    Yay I love changelogs, so i can know whats new c:

    • They are secretly trying to kill you

      • Silver

        Then i like them even more now ^^

  • TheCoolSteveMan

    Optimize it please, i’m getting 17 FPS on my Intel(R) Graphics 5500 Laptop, compare to your v6.281 it gives me 30+ FPS by the way i use the Lite Version

    • Sounds like you have a bad graphic card.
      But DeDelner is already trying to improve performance

      • TheCoolSteveMan

        Well my laptop is just a few months old, so it is still in good condition.

        • That does not mean that the specs are good.

          • TheCoolSteveMan

            Just Standard btw.

          • Doesn’t mean that the specs are good.

          • TheCoolSteveMan

            I know, but i least i can still run it though

          • Jesus Christ…

  • joshua petrofsky

    it doesn’t work with mac fully anymore