What’s new in the last DEV’s

– Fog blur while raining
– Proper rendering of enchanted items
– Fixed flickering shadows on hand
– Better shading in the distance when shadows aren’t rendered
– Better sky reflections
– Better sky gradient
– Reflections on ground + rain puddles
– Ground gets darker when it becomes wet
– Added normal mapping but with an awful shading
– Improved 2D clouds
– New stars (more twinkling than just moving)
– Signs and chests probably don’t wiggle anymore
– New ambient colors
– Better transition between day and night
I’m doing some last optimizations to the shaderpack before releasing the next public update.

15 thoughts on “What’s new in the last DEV’s

      1. What about an option for the lighting to change in accordance for hardcore darkness but without the mod needed to be installed. So it would be like an option in the “Shaders Options” basically it would make lighting more realistic. Minimal or no lighting in caves ect Lighting changes in accordance to the moon phases and such. Hope it is possible but would like it to be like that.