Thanks for your support ;~;

So we already hit over 200 donations.. what’s wrong with you guys? xD
No seriously, it’s just insane. I mean I’m just a little developer who does shaders for a game called Minecraft. I am doing this now for three and a half years and people are still interested in my shaderpack? It’s just crazy -w-
I have to say again: Thank you guys alot for being a huge support! I really appreciate that. Honestly. I’m saying this because I feel I have to.
I really like to work on the shaderpack! And seeing you using my shaderpack like on YouTube for example motivates me to continue working on it! Even though it’s buggy sometimes xD
With your support, I was able to finally through my damaged notebook away, where I started coding and build a new PC. But not only that, I was also able to buy a keyboard, since I’m enjoying to play on the piano! And I am also able to visit now my best friend in my hometown, since I moved out for many many kilometers.
What else to say?.. Thank you very much ;~;
  • legende game

    je ne parle pas anglais mes je comprend l’anglais et vos parole mon toucher cela fait plus d’un moment que je vous suis et j’adore toujours vautre shaders encore merci pour vautre travaille 😉

    • DeDelner

      Hehe, je compris un peu francais xP
      Merci d’utiliser mes shaders ^^

      • legende game

        mes es que votre question signifie que vous arête?

        • S’il vous plaît définir ce que vous voulez dire, je ne pouvais pas traduire ce que vous avez dit. Donc, je ne peux pas vous aider.

          • legende game

            je demande si cette question ouverte signifie la fin du shaders

          • Non, il voulait juste remercier tout le monde pour le soutien

          • legende game

            Thinks for jour time and tour attention to reply m’y anseur and good luck to futur (j’ai fait comme j ai pu je parle pas très bien anglais même pas du tout )

          • No problem!
            And don’t worry, we still understood it good enough! 😛

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeee!~♥

  • DeDelner

    Yeah, he used v5.0.6 .w.