Finally an update

After rewriting the whole shaderpack, the performance is in a great condition again. I reached the double performance on my AMD R9 290 with 13 chunks.
There is now a proper way of rendering of stained glass and ice now even with reflections on it.
The shadows are more optimized (at least for my graphics card). Less peter panning, sharper shadows and they are now distance based. So you can control the shadow distance again. Even thought, the more you decrease the shadow distance, the sharper the shadows get.
I also managed to get the hit color to work on entities. It was really easy to fix that though.
Motionblur isn’t working yet, but I’ll fix that soon.
That’s it for this update.

25 thoughts on “Finally an update

  1. HELP: With every kuda shader i download i have a problem. it says this. gbuffers_textured_lit
    and final.
    if anybody knows how to fix this plz tell me.

  2. After updating to the latest version (v.6.4.23) I am having some problems with the water as you can see in this picture. My graphic card is the NVidia GeForece GTX750.
    But I actually love the new update. The shadows are now really accurate and there is more contrast, and could you please add in the lens flare because I love the blue one you have had in the last updates.

      1. I would like to know estimations. Estimating does not take that long I don’t care if he estimates a week and it comes out next year I just want to know an idea so I don’t waste my time coming to look every week if a new release is out. And no I did not think.