Ze new features m8!

Okay, let’s do it quick:
– Variable Penumbra Shadows (Smooth shadows needs to be enabled)
– Smoother shadows (28 samples)
– Better transition between day and night
– Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (16 samples)
– Less clouds samples (8 Samples)
– Better water reflections
– Better sky gradient
– Prerendered godrays for better quality and performance (25 samples in total instead of 40)
– RGB-Offset on water surface
– Recolored everything…

7 thoughts on “Ze new features m8!

  1. Looks great man, loving it!
    Might I suggest though, instead of desaturating bloom try putting it through the same reinhard tonemap you use for the final image, or through a separate reinhard tonemap. Whichever looks better.

  2. Hey was wondering how I can turn off the blur? the one that’s there when you look around. thanks

    1. If you’re talking about DepthOfField.
      Just open those shader settings. It’s kinda obvious, isn’t it?
      Next time, look first and then ask. Thanks -w-

      Just saying, you will make DeDelner’s life easier by 50%.

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