Ze new features m8!

Okay, let’s do it quick:
– Variable Penumbra Shadows (Smooth shadows needs to be enabled)
– Smoother shadows (28 samples)
– Better transition between day and night
– Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (16 samples)
– Less clouds samples (8 Samples)
– Better water reflections
– Better sky gradient
– Prerendered godrays for better quality and performance (25 samples in total instead of 40)
– RGB-Offset on water surface
– Recolored everything…

7 thoughts on “Ze new features m8!

  1. Looks great man, loving it!
    Might I suggest though, instead of desaturating bloom try putting it through the same reinhard tonemap you use for the final image, or through a separate reinhard tonemap. Whichever looks better.

    1. If you’re talking about DepthOfField.
      Just open those shader settings. It’s kinda obvious, isn’t it?
      Next time, look first and then ask. Thanks -w-

      Just saying, you will make DeDelner’s life easier by 50%.