Perfomance improvement in volumetric light (maybe?)

Thanks to robobo1221 for giving me the hint, how to increase the performance for volumetric light by using a 8×8 bayer matrix dither.
At least I try to improve volumetric light, so that it will finally fit into the atmosphere of the shaderpack someday.. But for now, I really recommend to use robobo1221’s volumetric light in his shaderpack. It’s way more optimized.

6 thoughts on “Perfomance improvement in volumetric light (maybe?)

  1. I tried the robobo1221 shaderpack. Didn’t really care for it, specially the torches inside. I am picky and your shaderpack is pretty much how I like everything (other than not having light move with you when having a torch in the hand of course lol). Also, the other one dips my fps to like 30 where yours keeps it at 60. I cap all games to 60. I am fine at 60 and no need for my card to run hot on games that can go insane high on fps.

  2. Thx to robobo I have VL on my shader. How I think your VL kills the fps is because the VF (Volumetric Fog) so if you remove the fog there will be less effects and more fps.

  3. please optimize this as almost everything makes almost no performance differance on my not very good laptop except volumetric fog/light