30 thoughts on “New bloom!

    1. Bloom is not light coming from a torch in the hand.
      But I asked him many times for it, so I hope he will do it soon.
      If not he’s gonna get rekt :v

      1. Yes I know… Guess I will have to word things more clear next time. Something like “will this also include light to the torch in the hand?”. Though I thought it was clear with how I said it, which makes me wonder if what I just put will also come off as me thinking bloom is something that is made from the torch in game…

        “this” as in the next update… not the bloom itself :p

  1. I would like to know when motion blur will be added to v6? Also I have seen like a 20% decrease in FPS from Ultra 5v to Ultra 6v. Not all bad though I LOVE how well you did the water effects it blends amazingly now.

        1. Well if you changed stuffs in previous versions it doesn’t really affect the current versions.
          But it is quite true that the current version is laggy 🙁
          Further optimizations required i guess

    1. “The problem is, I haven’t implemented a normal program for it. So it only works on the water surface.”

      So the naswer is no. I have to figure out, how to implement normal mapping, because the last version of v6 is built up differently.

  2. The new dev pack 6.2.87 still doesn’t have the light from the torch in hand lighting up the area, but it looks great overall! There was a spot I used to test in water and it would be black on the last couple of builds but this time I can actually see in that spot.

  3. Excellent shaderpack pack and thanks for making it available for us all. Is there a way to increase the dynamic range? To clarify, quartz and other light blocks look very very bright around midday particularly and dark areas in shadows are very dark. Can this be balanced so that the bright areas aren’t so bright and the unlit areas aren’t so dark?