Clear water, Dynamic Wheater and Blur

I’ve found out, that my shaderpack is compatible with the “Clear water” feature in the OptiFine settings. Could be useful for the ones.

Dynamic Weather has been improved! It now uses a noise texture for getting a random value for the cloud opacity and lightning instead using a foolish sinus and cosinus generator šŸ˜€

Blur, blur and much more blur.. Some of you wanted Motionblur and Distance Blur back. Now.. it is back! For now, DOF needs to be enabled to use Distance Blur, because it will overwrite the focus effect for DOF. But I’m looking forward to combine Distance Blur and DOF together. The patterns for DOF, Bloom and etc. are more circular as quadratic.





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          1. Google gamma correction, it’s the act of putting color into gamma space, an effect into gamma space, applying the effect, then putting it back into linear space. So yes, it does make sense, because technically you are not changing the gamma of the image, because you’re putting it right back to the gamma it was at previously. It may not make sense to people who don’t know how programming and math work, but it’s what’s used in packs like SEUS to make that circular effect on depth of field. I’m surprised nobody knew what gamma correction was, considering it’s a fairly basic and important concept that people who code in GLSL should know.

          2. If this is referring to yourself, yes you could have done that and I wonder why you didn’t take this advice much earlier. If for some reason you’re referring to me and telling me to ignore your arrogant comments, think of it as you never would have learned what gamma correction is had I not schooled you. Especially considering you seem to have no idea what Google is.

            This is my last comment, I swear. There’s a tiny part of me that loves this, but it’s getting petty. It has gotten petty, but then again, I don’t care. Heed your own advice.

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            How do you want to know what I know? :T
            Think first.
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          4. You realize I’m playing with you now right? I saw some irony in a statement you made so I’m giving you shit for it, because I’m one of those jerks on the internet that does that.

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  1. I’m really sorry if I missed the memo, haven’t been following this pack for a while, but are things like normal and specular mapping coming back? Or are they already there, and I’m simply too dumb to find them?

    That being said, the new stuff you’ve been working on looks amazing, can’t wait until they make it into the non-dev packs. šŸ˜›