22 thoughts on “Why KUDA-Shaders?

  1. I like the lighting in it, most have way too much orange on torches or just look bad in other ways. I like how you got a lot of the options in the menu without having to mess with the files as much, more than other shaders I have messed with. I like the water and sky more than other ones. The heatwave in the Nether is ok, but way to crazy right now, just a slight wave might be ok. Also hoping to get back the light on the torch when it is in hand and the water not so dark at the bottom.

  2. My favorite things in least important to me to most important to me: Sky Color, Torch Colors, Bloom (although I will say that I do prefer the bloom of some shaders such as “BSLs” most recent versions), Water, Hexagonal Lens Flare, The Nether Colors (including the ‘Jitter’ effect that I LOVE), all of this with performance. Something that I would love back is the Distance Blur effect โ€” you did that extremely well.

  3. First, because it works fine and delivers an great performance – excellent job!
    Second, because I always liked the Style of the KUDA-Shader, although it changed a lot since Version 4.2 (When I came across it) The new water is super ๐Ÿ™‚
    It fits to the Default textures as well as to texturepacks like R3D.Craft and many others.
    Third, because it has many Features I like (godrays, the new volumetric fog, weather and clouds, lens flare) and supports normal maps
    And finally, because you always add new Features and are still working on it, implementing new ideas, as, for example, the volumetric Fog now, trying to improve it more and more.
    I really enjoy this steady development (reason why I decided to donate)
    I hope it helped, keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Id like to point out that DeDelner didnt invent the Volumetric Fog in this shader. that was created by Robobo1221, a different shader developer. Credit due to where it should be.

      1. I am aware that many parts are adopted from other shaders, like the โ€žcreditsโ€œ page says (although neither the volumetric fog nor that name is mentioned there or in the code itself)
        Should that be the case, I am sorry for the incorrect statement,
        but I wouldnโ€˜t appreciate his work less ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Why? It looks realistic, the colours aren’t super saturated like some shaders, they have the best performance to quality ratio so my 5 year old mac won’t go down to 2 fps unlike certain shaders. Sure there are other shaders that look as good but those drain my framerate

  5. Honestly, the shaders used to be more artistic and less realistic. Now they’re just leaning towards realistic. (I preferred artistic)

  6. First, Kuda is not my favorite shudder, but I use it for pvp. The light is perfect to see in dark spaces and it has all features I need. I only miss some color, but therefore it’s more realistic.

  7. Why?
    I use it because It doesn’t mess with some of the stuff other shaderpacks mess with, it doesn’t make the world blur, it give me a default minecraft feel with a awesome mix in the places I want shaders to work, you don’t mess with light sources at all, making builds built in the default shader minecraft uses look amazing unlike some other populer shaderpacks…My framerate doesn’t go near slideshow mode and my GPU fans don’t really go crazy and than you have to remember, these shaderpack looks better than some other well know shader packs! It gives more of a modern feel and you don’t make the mistake to try and go super realistic, I’m so sick of shaderpacks messing with stuff that was already perfect…Also, I always feel a nag when I use other shaders, because they somehow decrease the cleanness of minecraft, These shaderpack doesn’t

  8. I use them because of the performance monstly. I love the sun effects escecially the new lens flare from v6. I’m using this shaders since Cuda v4.2 and every new version had a new amazing feature. I am looking forward to use your full optimized version of volumetric light. To be honest, this is one reason why I chose this pack for example for my latest video where I show this feature. But also some critics here for you: I think that the Godrays are a bit too week. That is because I always strengthen them for my videos. They are often quite invisible. So just a tip for you: make them a around 50% stronger for the release tomorrow.

  9. Because it has a very nice balance between performance and quality.
    Also the night lighting is perfect for gameplay and that matters. No matter how realistic a shader is, if you struggle to play then it’s not worth it.

  10. Great performance! Lagless (SEUS is just unbelievably lag), nice water (transparent and not dark), middle fps (not too low), good lighting, shadows are amazing! Good job and keep it up! I’m waiting for the new release~