6 thoughts on “For my donators

  1. You know, my jimmies are really rustled.
    I would totally donate to you man, I love your work and you totally deserve it, but my full paycheck doesn’t come for another month.
    So you should keep this version up with volumetric lighting so when I do work up the money to donate, I’ll be able to get this version.

      1. Even if, I don’t know why you’re telling me this. Sorry if expressing my want to support DeDelner regardless of his features was a problem. If you have a problem with the way DeDelner is releasing his work, go to him about it. Not me, I’m just a consumer.

        It may be unethical and may not even be allowed to require premiums for work that isn’t even 100% original, but it’s passable as a “development” pack as in the public will get it sometime, just later than the donators. However, I would be upset if the full release was canceled. I will say DeDelner is walking on thin ice with his decision to do this, though I am okay with it. If he messes up though, I won’t be the only person upset.