24 thoughts on “v6 leaves beta phase soon

  1. I hope the next update comes soon, by the way, why are all the tinted glasses, slime blocks and ice Black? Does that happen to anyone else?

  2. Does your new water caustic effect will have significant impact on fps? Hope you can optimized V6 with less fps slippage thanks. Superb work man kudos to you!

  3. Love the Kuda shader. Just one note about liquid stuff in minecraft. I play mostly Feed the beast, and there are lot of different liquid stuff in there, for example molten redstone or creosote. The color of some of those liquids disappears when the shaders is active. Some are molten metal, and they render as they should, but some liquids dont have any coloring, and become almost invisible.
    As you see in the screenshot, they are visible in a tank, but not in the ground.

  4. Did the ice visibility glitch get fixed yet? In case you were somehow unaware of it, ice is not visible, or at least the texture isn’t, in version 1.1.13 beta ultra.

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