3 years anniversary

It’s been 3 years, that I’ve started to code some stuff and released my first shaderpack. That was on January 13th 2013. Now we have 2016..
I didn’t thought, that I’ll continue this ‘project’ for so long. And I didn’t thought, that still so many people will be interested. These 3 years have completley changed my life. I never thought, that I will go to this destination. Now I understand math even better as I did 3 years ago. And it also improved my English a little bit x)
I want to say, thank you for your support! You guys helped me alot.. I mean, I was able to build my own PC and, which was quiet impossible for me, because I didn’t had the money.. I was finally able to throw my old crappy/shitty/damaged/old notebook away.
Now to the KUDA-Shaders:
I’ve found a way, how to fix the transparent hand bug, which some graphics cards have. But to fix that, I have rewrite the hole shaderpack. That could take some time.. 😡
But in a few days, I will publish a little update, which fixes these weird pixel artifacts on some old graphics cards.

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