KUDA-Shaders v6.1.13 BETA is out

– Added dynamic weather => It is disabled on default, but you can reactivate it by yourself in composite.vsh and composite1.vsh
– Improved bloom
– New ambient colors
– New sky colors
– New sunlight colors
– New fog colors
– New sky gradient
– Added atmospheric fog
– Added motionblur
– Dynamic tonemapping is also applied on the sky now
– Bug fixes here and there…

13 thoughts on “KUDA-Shaders v6.1.13 BETA is out

  1. This is a nice shader set! The dynamic weather is especially cool, I thought I was the only one who thought of that. (I hacked a similar “haze” idea into SEUS’s shaders over the summer, but since it’s SEUS, it’s not shareable). Too bad there’s no way that I know of to read the current biome; I’d love to have the jungles be extra humid and hazy. the deserts be super clear, and have the solar angle vary with temperature (low to the horizon in winter cold, higher up for summer)..

    These shaders stack up to SEUS quite well, and beat them on some points (day.night transition, and water refraction). The main weak spot I can see is the reflective/specular component of things; the reflections as a whole are rather muted, and the absence of solar/lunar highlights is rather glaring (if you’ll pardon the inverse pun). Any plans on that front for this release?

    FYI I’m comparing to SEUS 10.2 preview with my “haze” hack, and using the Chroma Hills pack, also with my own modifications. Also running via Optifine 1.8.8 F3 (not the latest G7, on account of F3 working great on my system.)

    If I may offer a suggestion: consider adding a “bias” option to your dynamic weather, so that users can weight it in favor of clear weather if they like. I run my haze variable through a pow function to do that.

  2. HEY PLZZZ HELP ME ur shader is beautiful but me its not good it have white water and weird sky then no moon and sun and is moving grass but all is look like normal =minecraft my spec is intel hd 3000 ram=4GB YOU SAID ITS HIGH FPS SHADER THX FOR HELP

  3. Okay, so I decided to try out the Ultra Blur shader (6.6.13 Beta) and was greeted by this static-y mess.
    PC Specs(because why not):
    Dell Precision T3500
    -NVIDIA Quadro 2000 (Approx. Mem: 2770 MB)
    -Intel Xeon CPU @ 2.8GHz
    -12 GB RAM
    -64-bit Windows 7 Pro