19 thoughts on “KUDA-Shaders v6.0.82 BETA is out

      1. that is weird.. I tried. However, when I re-compress the shader into a .zip file ( I did only re compress within the root folder). And it did not work. Whenever I select the shader in game. It becomes a greyed out effect on everything. I’m using a Mac here. Even though, I don’t re-compress the content of the root folder. It still only renders a greyed out effect.

  1. Hey Dedelner, this version in my PC continues with the coloring bugs like the other versions BETA too, I’m worried about it because I love your shader but as I can not use it, I have to use the previous version 5.0.6 … Could you help me?

  2. Why do you desaturate the samples in bloom? It’s kinda pointless and really doesn’t improve the image, it actually just kinda makes the torch bloom have an ugly, almost fleshy color to it. Keeping saturation normal would make everything it significantly affects look the same, like over-exposed sunlight.

    Also, I really like the new water reflection distortion. Looks great, I just wish you could use that with the old screenspace reflection or add cloud and sunlight reflections back in.

  3. Hey, I’m using a Mac. I tried to edit the content under the “shader” folder. However, when I put everything back to the “shader pack” folder, the shader doesn’t work in game when loaded up. Before the customization, the shader did work.

    1. This happened to me – you need to re-zip the folder, but not with the default OSX archive command – you have to use command line zip. Don’t ask me why!