New features

I finally did it… I added Depth Of Field with centerDepthSmooth! centerDepthSmooth is a little feature in the shaders mod, which calculates the depth and adds a delay to it. New is, it runs with 28 samples instead of 60(!) samples in v5. And it uses mipmapping, which decrease the image resolution to remove artifacts when the image is blurred, AND to increase the performance!

I also added SSAO which runs quiet well, BUT in my case it has to be improved (somehow). Because the whole ground is also a bit dark.

Shadow Illumination is also included in v6, but I wonder if anyone is still interested of my (fake) global illumination solution. For those who don’t know about it, Shadow Illumination is a really simplified version of global illumination. The sunlight simply illuminates the shadows.

And yeah, normal map and parallax occlusion mapping is also available.

12 thoughts on “New features

      1. Honestly, even though I know java, I’ve never tried GI. I just figured since Sonic Ether did it, it was easy.

        On that note, you should reimplement bloom! Kinda like the bloom in seus, where torches kinda glow n stuff. That’d be awesome