I need your feedback!

Because it’s hard to know, if my shaderpacks works so far on most systems, I give you the DEV v6.0.36a free for 24h for testing. Please noticed, that this shaderpack isn’t done yet at all! I just want to know if you get any graphic issues or errors.

If you noticed any problems, you know where you have to go: http://dedelner.net/?p=1270

Otherwise, here is the download link: http://dedelner.net/?p=1344

  • SanelGamer

    Frage:Ist es Normal,dass sich die Wolken bei einer Skyblock Welt im Void spiegeln?
    Bevor ich das in den ”Report a Problem” Beitrag schreibe,will ich lieber fragen!

  • BluE

    I’m happy to report that this version not only fixed every problem my computer had with the previous versions, but also caused a frame boost to around 40-50 on average! 😀
    Keep up the good work!

    • DeDelner

      YUS! Succes! 😀

  • ich liebe es

    Das ist wahrhaft der schönste shader, weiter so ^^

  • Liam Sadowski

    Works fine with a GTX 780. Only graphical bug i’ve seen so far is that you can see shadows through held items and the player’s hand. Otherwise this is a pretty good shaderpack already 😀

    • DeDelner

      Yepp, I already know that.

  • crap_NoUsername

    GEIL!! Der Bug wurde behoben. Ich kann deine neuste Version super benutzen! DANKE! An was hats eigentlich gelegen, weißt du das?

    • DeDelner

      gbuffers_skybasic und gbuffers_skytextured haben gefehlt.

      • crap_NoUsername

        Lel. Okay! Danke dass dus gefixt hast <3

  • At_XiaoLi

    Good news that we can have a free dev-pack XD. Thanks DeDelner :D.

  • At_XiaoLi

    Oops so i was late for the Dev :(

  • Jared Gunnels

    Hey when I try to load the shader pack everything turns invisible which sucks, because this is probably the best shader pack to have

  • Shaders McOfficial

    Much nicer and looks better then old shader. But very low fps on my intel hd 4400. (Compared to v5

  • Jared Gunnels

    the new dev #39 fixes the invisible terrain for me, but the new problem is the rain doesn’t appear and it still looks like day, and there is no torch light. I don’t know if you meant to not have torch light but just to be sure

  • InkingVodka

    stained glass and stained glass panes have no texture when placed. v6.0.36a

  • Tyler “Ruvaldak” Bonnette

    You should add Variable Penumbra Shadows! That’d be so sick!

  • Brendan Turner

    Um… So when I look at the sun, everything looks normal (see pic 1), but when I look away, everything seems to get darker and the lighting from the sun seems to slowly fade away (see pic 2).

  • Looks nice! But when will Bloom, DOF, 3D clouds and S/N mapping be added?

    You probably won’t even ever add 3D clouds or DOF :/

  • crap_NoUsername

    Guten Abend! 😀
    Ich hab’ mit mal ein paar Gedanken gemacht, was deine Shader angeht. Sieh’ diesen Post bitte als Kritik und Ideen, und nicht als randiom hate.

    Was ich mir in den KUDA-Shadern wünschen würde:
    -‘nen mega schicken LensFlare, vielleicht einen der dich von anderen stark abhebt.
    -Water Caustics. Ich denk’ die würden gut aussehen in Kombination mit deinem Wasser

    -Dynamic Weather. Klar, es is’ schwer, aber das hier ist ja nur eine Wunschliste 😀
    -eine gute performance. Im moment habe ich mit deiner neusten DEV ungefähr 50-110fps. Mit deiner 5.0.7 DEV4, also die letzte mit alles Features habe ich ungefähr 40-80fps 😀

    Ich will mich jetz’ nicht in deine Shader einmischen, aber vielleicht kommt das ein oder andere ja irgendwann :3


  • Sergeant Sarcasm

    I really love the pack, it’s a great combination of natural lighting and cinematic effects. Though, I will say I prefer the traditional screen space reflection from 5.0.6. The cloud reflections really make it, and having the reflection fade (as I’ve seen in previews of v6) may make the cloud reflections harder to implement or just not be there at all. Not to direct the pack for you or anything, but having it blur or fresnel by vertical distance may look more realistic.
    Also, what bugged me a bit is how birch would always be dark and I had to fix that by removing contrast from the base image before applying the sunlight to the image. That also made sunlight through leaves a lot more visible, which I liked.
    One more thing, try mixing the samples in depth of field rather than adding, it really contrasts and saturates the image in all the right ways. Also, it adds a true bokeh effect. Thought I might give that pointer, because that’s how camera sensors work.

    Keep up the good work, these have got to be my favorite shaders due to the quality image and ease to run. And, sorry if I sounded like a know it all, there. I’ve been studying the physics of light and how cinematic effects relate to it, thought I might give you a few pointers. 😀