Distance blur

How about distance blur instead of depth of field? I mean, it is still epic but it wouldn’t be so disturbing for some players, when they use depth of field.

8 thoughts on “Distance blur

  1. I would prefer depth of field, but it would also be nice if we got the old function for it back. Where there’s transition fading between depths using CenterDepthSmooth. I’ve tried re-implementing it but it’s almost like it’s broken. That would also fix the disturbing feel that some players would have by the sudden focal adjustments.

    1. Well I would use centerDepthSmooth, but however, this variable doesn’t make any effects. I tried it and everything was just blurry. It hasn’t calculated the depth.

  2. Hi πŸ™‚ I’m BSL shader’s dev.
    I love both normal dof and distant blur. So, why don’t get both enabled?
    I can make both enabled. Look at my shaderpack, and grab the code if you need to.
    Great shaderpack anyway πŸ™‚