11 thoughts on ““Cinematic Mode”

      1. Let me put it this way:
        Have you ever looked up into the sky and saw a moon that big and pixelated? No, you haven’t.
        The reason the sky is overwritten is because sky textures tilt with the sun tilt. It looks a thousand times more unrealistic than a simple moon overlay. The blurriness in my opinion seems to simulate atmosphere, and I think it’s done quite right. I don’t always agree with DeDelner’s design choices, but he has his ways. His new sky if anything is one of his better design choices.

    1. Personally I think it’s fine, but it’s so he can add realistic stars to the sky. If you don’t like it, go into composite.fsh and change overwriteSky to false.
      Or, so you have the nice sky in the day but a nice custom sky at night, first you need to change this line:

      const bool overwriteSky = true;

      to this:

      bool overwriteSky = true;

      Then you can add this line directly below it:

      if (TimeMidnight == 1.0) overwriteSky = false;

      This will make a hard transition from sunset to midnight and midnight to sunrise, but if it really causes this much of a problem for you, then I’m sure it will be fine. For a smooth transition I’ll need to convert an if statement to one large mix function, and since the pack looks fine at night and doesn’t need something like this, I’m not going to waste my time on experimenting on a solution for you any longer.