Goodbye Belarus, welcome back to Germany…

Warning! English might be very broken x)

Ok, I’ve already started to develop v6 and it’s based on Daxnitro’s shaders (So a very empty shaderpack with all the necessary things).

The version counter will be replaced to “Builds” (Like Windows) so I can easily do little changes in much more steps. And when I think that a DEV is ready for public, then don’t be surprised that the number is much higher as the previous one πŸ˜‰

Previous DEV: v6.0.14
Last DEV: v6.0.20

Previous official version: v6.0.98
Last offical version: v6.1.57
And I will stop to post every changes what I did in every released DEV. I will bring back the clear changelog to every official release like what I did v4.1. If they is any new feature, bugfix or whatever, I will post it on facebook and on Ok, I have to work further on v6 πŸ˜‰ First DEV is coming soon…

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