v5.0.7 (DEV 3)

– added new water waves
– optimized bloom => Can now be seen at any time and it light up only dark colors. So it looks even more natural.
– added noise to godrays
– stronger waving grass

16 thoughts on “v5.0.7 (DEV 3)

        1. Have you tried copying Sonic Ether’s water into any Chocapic-based shaderpack? It doesn’t work! So no, it is real. You’re just probably a ten to fifteen-year-old who doesn’t understand anything said to her/him in any meaningful way. You may be old enough to understand certain subjects, except you fail at matching the required I.Q level to pay any mind to it. You’re also probably prejudice towards other people that are different because you don’t understand how people can be different while being capable of being equal in either; physic, intellectual, or social means.
          (I’m calling you stupid by the way. I’m sorry if you weren’t able to understand what I just said.

          1. Well that’s one way of putting it, but trust me i have seen the new water with my own eye’s and it doesn’t look anything like that, you are probably a inconsiderate 15-30 year old who just like’s to Negatively respond to comment’s, so sorry but i’m saying this of fact, not knowledge.

          2. First of all, I do apologize about the fact that I was so belligerent, however, I will note that to blatantly assume that someone is ‘just a troll’ or ‘likes responding negatively to comments’ is outright speculative. I will say though that I see where you are coming from. Fact is though that real life ‘drama llama’ stuff happened so I was essentially a ticking time bomb, so again, to reiterate, I am sorry.

            To back up my original claim though, to accuse something as being fake even though many people are able to currently experience the effects brought to us be DeDelner, does seem childish. To bluntly just assume one is copying someone else’s code, just because that ‘someone else’ (Sonic Ether in this case) is more popular, and/or it looks similar is, again speculative. Something that leads me to again back my claim that you have very ‘child-like behaviors’ (I don’t remember exactly what I typed, so I am paraphrasing) . To back your side of the argument though, I did act very childish in the sense that I let this ‘real-life drama llama’ over-take me.

            So, to close out this conversation though, I would like to let us ponder something; What is wrong with being child-like? Children are far more honest, outgoing, and joyous. There are the quirks such as being temperamental, and such, but I feel as though, in order for us to live healthy lives, we must let that child take over. We would lose all sense of wonder. We wouldn’t be able to look up to distant galaxies that are hundreds of light years away and have that “gleam of wonder” in our eye that makes us want to learn more (I put that in quotations being as I’ve personally never seen this “gleam of wonder” for myself in someone else’s eyes, so I’m taking friends’ words for it). Although, I will admit that both of us didn’t let that child slip through at the best moments (me – being so upset over nothing, you – accusing copyright just because you haven’t experienced it yourself). But anyways, (I hate using “but” as a sentence starter, but I did it anyway) I would like to bid you a goodnight and hope that your life is just as fulfilling as any others’.

            PS: You should narrow down your age range you guessed at the end of your message. That guess is far too wide. I am 28, as it were, but seriously though, if your aim is to inflict verbal pain on someone because of their age, I would just accuse them of being somewhere around the age of 7-8. If they were to be offended by their age, it’d be much more profound to accuse them of being too young to make decisions for themselves. Fifteen year-old people typically have much more sense of place compared to a 7-8 year old, so that’s not really all that bad all things considered. That’s just me however.

            Have a nice night! πŸ˜‰

          3. Lol at first i took you Inconsiderate, but you’re anything “But” xD

            Btw i honestly am only 12, thus i am more, ‘picky’ let’s say πŸ˜› Also i do actually have a trait of being short tempered, also i retaliated slightly rashly because i’ve been picked on before and now i’m Wary that someone is making fun of, Survival *Clap’s* xD

  1. Hello Dedelner! Can you please make an optimised version of clouds for your medium version? Sort of like the silders v1.08 clouds whwre they dont transform/change? I disabled the clouds on the silders and it only increased 1-2 fps.when enabling the clouds on v5.0.6 medium of kuda, it takes away around 7-10 fps . Plz work on something.

  2. Also if you took off animated clouds for the medium and just had them be regular clouds, like in most shader packs, that would help too.