v5.0.7 (DEV 2)

Time to release another DEV.

– less amount of stars
– higher noise resolution for clouds
– optimized cloud surface scattering
– higher SSAO sample range
– enabled and improved bloom => More natural bloom.
– added anamorphic lens => Bloom based.

Bloom and anamorphic is only visible in a house, in caves and at midnight. Or you getting a overexposured image.

9 thoughts on “v5.0.7 (DEV 2)

  1. Könntest Du Mir Sagen, Was Genau Eine “ANamorphic Lens” Ist?
    Ich Kapisch Das Nicht :DD

    Außerdem Wärs Richtig Töfte Wenn Du Mir Sagen Könntest Wie Man Die Sonnenstrahlen Verstärken Kann. :>

  2. Hello Dedelner! Can you please make an optimised version of clouds for your medium version? Sort of like the silders v1.08 clouds whwre they dont transform/change? I took of clouds on the silders and it only increased 1-2 fps. Plz work on something.