v5.0.7 (DEV 1)

As you know from v5.0.5 and v5.0.6, the stars are quit pretty small and flicker arround. I found a new way for creating stars and now they looking amazing :p
Sadly, it is a bit too dark on YouTube to see the stars… At least enjoy the music 😉

16 thoughts on “v5.0.7 (DEV 1)

  1. Man this next release is gonna be great

    Could you see if it’s possible to make the particles NOT see-through when lined up with the sky? That’d be great…

  2. I love your shaders! I have been following you for a while and I am wondering if you could make it so when you dive into the water and then go out of it, DOF focuses on veeery close distance for like a second so it blurs everything out and then smoothly goes to normal. Kinda like in Far Cry 3/4.