Meanwhile I feel I did too much on v5. I mean they are still some bugs which I can’t fix them! And general, the code that have written (not everything of course), is so messed up. I’ve already made my thoughts to work on a new version based on a very clean shaderpack like Karyonix or Daxnitro’s and (you probably guess it) that would be v6…

So DEV 4 would be (probably) the last DEV for v5! But I want to let you know, that I gonna visit my grandparents with my family on saturday for 2Β½ weeks. So it means I’m not able to work on anything on my PC. And that means of course I am absent for these 2Β½ weeks. But when I come back again, I would start to work on v6! And you guys can accompany me on a journey through the long development! πŸ˜‰

Now you can tell the whole web, that v6 is confirmed! πŸ˜€

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