v5.0.6 has arrived!

And they are compatible with Intel HD Graphics! At least with 4600. This update has more realistic colors, many optimizations and hopefully it runs smoother as the previous version.
Please tell me they aren’t any noticeable bugs like at the beginning of the v5.0.5 release :p

Okay… are you ready? Then go ahead and DOWNLOAD it!



10 thoughts on “v5.0.6 has arrived!

  1. this version is really better than the 5.0.5 thx for fixing the invisible water / items
    the only bug i found in this version is a black screen when raining on high / ultra version but i think it’s my old graphic card again
    the others version are perfect

  2. By any chance does anyone know how to edit or possibly add code in here?

    I’d like to see a bit of distance fog, but I’m a noob and haven’t found any success in doing it myself. xD