v5.0.6 (DEV 8)

Last DEV before public release.

– reduced default minecraft ambient occlusion (Smooth Lightning) by 1/3 => Looks more realistic, especially for directional lighting (sunlight).
– fixed overexposured sun when godrays is enabled
– less quality raytracing => In hope for a higher performance
– noon is about 2000 ticks longer as before => For more realistic ambient/sunlight colors.
– more redish sunlight color at sunrise
– clouds are a bit thicker at sunset

8 thoughts on “v5.0.6 (DEV 8)

          1. I think i’ve once saw codes about it in some other shaders developed based on Chocapic 13’s Shader V4, but i just cant find it :(.

          2. Okay. Lol.
            I couldnt imagine how this yould work.. Fake light bounce? Not in my mind xD

          3. LOL. Maybe its like getting an ambient color and slightly tint the surrounding terrain? Honestly i’m quite unsure. XD