v5.0.6 (DEV 7)

– optimized cloud animation => Also fixed that the wind vector change his direction.
– optimzed cloud depth while raining.
– higher view distance for clouds
– performance improvement of clouds reflections
– optimized raytracing on landscape => Even the grass is now reflected.
– improved skycolors for fake reflections avoid empty spaces
– more colorful rain ambiance => Look at the picture, it’s taken at the morning 🙂
– altitude based fog disappears while raining => Honestly ist looks weird and too bright.
– stronger sky gradient
– disabled bloom => In order not to overexpose the image and in hope for a performance improvement on the Extreme edition.
– added chromatic aberration (fringe) if you don’t use DOF => But disabled, that maybe it can be distracting.
– improved grain and added dynamic tonemapping on it => But disabled, that maybe it can be distracting.

Wow, a lot of changes 😛

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