Voilà, v5.0.5!

I hope this version runs smoothly and without any bugs, except Intel HD Graphics… because I was too lazy to expand my graphic card :p Well, maybe next week and then I will make the KUDA-Shaders compatible with Intel HD Graphics again. That means, v5.0.6 is coming very soon :p

So download the newest version and have a nice weekend!


12 thoughts on “Voilà, v5.0.5!

  1. this version is now like others shaders … invisible water and blocks freeze when i select the pack

    first screen is kude v5 preview 2 ultra

    scond screen is kuda 5.0.5 patch 1 lite …

  2. [Bug Report]

    Using Biomes O’Plenty with KUDA v5.0.5, when you enter a BO’P biome, the rain/snow becomes completely invisible. The ground still gets wet and puddles form, but the rain
    sound and animation stops completely, in a perfect line all the way around the BO’P biome.

    Any help or advice on a fix would be massively appreciated.

  3. Does anyone know where the brightness and color levels are for Lava, Glowstone, Torches e.t.c…
    Been through all the configs but I still can’t find it :unsure:

    Using v5.0.5 Ultra.
    Any help or advice would be massively appreciated.