v5.0.6 (DEV 3)

– Reflective sun and clouds
– New water waves
– New water color
– Optimized water and rain reflections
– Fixed strong refraction at high distance, like flying arround
– Fixed refraction that wasn’t applied to water fog
– Fixed invalid program gbuffers_terrain?
– Dense fog at rain
– Reduced exposure for altitude bas fog
– Optimized lens flare exposure
– Changed godray color to more yellowish
– Disabled torchlightBloom => I’m not happy with it.
– Disabled antialiasing => It’s not finished and takes some frames.
– Added emissive light to light sources => Not done yet.

I tried to make my shaderpack compatible wit Intel HD Graphics, but for any kind of reasons it doesn’t even work. I have to install a completely fresh system only with the Intel HD Graphics driver. Let’s see what I can do…

Have a nice weekend 🙂

9 thoughts on “v5.0.6 (DEV 3)

  1. Hab nicht erwartet das heute schon die neue DEV kommt 😮 😀
    Wie auch immer. Wieder mal mega episches update, das wasser ist jetzt so ziemlich Realistisch. was ich mir noch wünschen würde wären ein paar mehr einstellungsmöglichkeiten wie z.B. FogStrength oder LensFlareOpacity

    1. Aus Sicherheit gebe ich diese Einstellungsmöglichkeiten nicht offentsichlich frei zur Verfügung.

  2. So, i don’t really know the limits of open gl and shaders, but is there any possible way for there to be full scene reflections, as in even if something is out of the fov it still reflects off of reflective surfaces?

    1. Reflections (Raytracing) cannot be held, if the objects are not on the screen. For example, the own carachter in first person view.

  3. Is there any way to strengthen the shadows on the cloud? i think the cloud still looks a little “thin”.

  4. What is the difference between emissive light and torch bloom? and hey the torch bloom is really good so far! Even on the 5.0.5 it is not horrible!

  5. and one thing when doing the Intel optimization, if you could optimize the clouds because that is the most laggiest about the 5.0.5+ packs

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