v5.0.6 (DEV 2)

Nothing special. Just a few bug fixes. But here is a picture, how the environment looks after raining! :p

16 thoughts on “v5.0.6 (DEV 2)

  1. Ich bekomme einen Invalid program gbuffers_terrain Error mit den neuen. Außerdem machte er das: In einem gewissen Radius wird das Bild schwarz. Mit den beiden Dateien aus der DEV1 geht es aber fürs erste.

      1. [SMC INF]Loaded shaderpack.
        [SMC INF]Loaded shaderpack.
        [SMC INF]Uninit
        [SMC INF]Program gbuffers_basic loaded
        [SMC INF]Program gbuffers_textured loaded
        [SMC INF]Program gbuffers_textured_lit loaded
        gdepth format: R8
        gnormal format: RGB16
        composite format: RGBA16
        gaux2 format: RGBA16
        gcolor format: RGBA8
        GL error 0x0502: Invalid operation at useProgram gbuffers_terrain
        GL error 0x0501: Invalid value at useProgram gbuffers_terrain
        [SMC SEVERE][Shaders] Error : Invalid program gbuffers_terrain
        [15:53:52] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] [Shaders] Error : Invalid program gbuffers_terrain
        [SMC INF]Program gbuffers_water loaded
        [SMC INF]Program gbuffers_entities loaded
        [SMC INF]Program gbuffers_hand loaded
        [SMC INF]Program gbuffers_weather loaded
        [SMC INF]Shadow map interval size: 6.f
        [SMC INF]Shadow map resolution: 1024
        [SMC INF]Shadow map distance: 80.0f
        [SMC INF]Wetness halflife: 500.0f
        [SMC INF]Dryness halflife: 60.0f
        [SMC INF]Sun path rotation: -35.0f
        [SMC INF]Eye brightness halflife: 7.5f
        [SMC INF]Center depth halflife: 2.0f
        [SMC INF]Noise texture enabled
        [SMC INF]Noise texture resolution: 720
        [SMC INF]Program composite loaded
        [SMC INF]Program composite1 loaded
        gaux2 mipmap enabled for /shaders/final.fsh
        gaux1 mipmap enabled for /shaders/final.fsh
        [SMC INF]Program final loaded
        [SMC INF]Program shadow loaded
        [SMC INF]Framebuffer created.
        [SMC INF]Shadow framebuffer created.
        [SMC INF]Reset world renderers
        [SMC INF].
        [15:53:53] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Shaders initialized.
        [SMC INF]Reset model renderers

        Büdde sehr 😉

    1. thats not possible. hardcoredarkness overrights the vanilla lighting, and the shader mod do it too. so it is not possible to realise this with the shaders only. but the shaders self can be used to make the game darker.

        1. there are shaders out there, that make caves and the night itself pretty dark, but the kuda shader is not realy one of them unfortunately. cause this is dedelners blog and i dont want to make ads for other shaders here, i cant give u a name, but take a look at the shader mod topic on the minecraft curse forum, there are some good alternitives. 😉 hope this helps

          PS: @DeDelner, a #define to switch between dark and light preset would be nice 😉

        2. I think there was a value that can change how dark it was. Unpack KUDA and try to modify those values based on the comments beside them. Those files can be easily opened w/ Notepad or other stuffs. Note that modified shaderpacks cannot be shared :D.

  2. Hello! this is the best shader pack out there! one thing that would make it better is if you could add a bloom affect or glow to the lava, torches, glowstone,ect… sort of like how Seus shaders has the glow off the blocks.

    1. u have to donate to download the dev shaders. u can find the donatelink under “KUDA-Shaders”->”Development Packs”
      The regular versions can u find under “Downloads”