DEV 54

Last DEV before publish v5.0.5 for public.

– Overwritten sky => No color mixes with resourcepacks, no rotated sky boxes, no overexposed sun, no black sky in huge buildings, own sun and moon size, and smoother transition from day to midnight.

– Added own stars => Not perfeclty done yet, because they flickering a bit while moving the player.

– Lower Bloom intensity => Better as a overexposed landscape.

– Thicker clouds => It really looks like, if they are volumetric!

– Optimized lens flare => Sun flare size, brightness, etc.



10 thoughts on “DEV 54

    1. Die Ursache habe ich schon gefunden: Einfach die Zeile bei “const bool shadowHardwareFiltering0 = true;” in der composite.fsh löschen.