Tell me your opinion

I am a bit unsure, which features should be activated in which version. Please tell me your opinion in the comments! You can write something like this:

– Dynamic Handlight
– Fog

– Godrays
– …

5 thoughts on “Tell me your opinion

  1. Lite:
    – Fog
    – Dynamic Handlight
    – Shadow distance at 40
    – Shadow res at 256
    – Godrays
    – Shaking Camera
    – Dynamic Tonemapping
    – Everything from lite
    – Shadow Filter
    – Motion Blur
    – Water reflections
    – Rain reflections
    – Shadow distance at 80
    – Shadow res at 512
    – Everything from Lite and Medium
    – Bloom
    – Shadow illumination
    – DOF (optional)
    – Water refract
    – SSAO
    – Anti Aliasing
    – Lens Effects
    – Shadow res at 1024
    – Shadow distance at 120

  2. I think if you release the ultra version with every feature listed in the section at the top of the files where you can // them out, then people can tailor the shader themselves.
    Maybe have like:

    //Define Dof High
    //Define Dof Med
    Define Dof Low

    //Define Godrays High
    //Define Godrays Med
    Define Godrays Low

    Define Bumpmapping
    Define Specular Highlights

    Define Waving Grass
    //Define Waving trees


    Because i like some features and couldn’t care less about others, but they might not fit into a category.